WHDLoad 16.8

Date 19-Aug-2007 17:53:31
Topic: Software News

Bert Jahn has released a new version of well known hard disk install utility for games. For more info please visit http://whdload.de/

Read more for the changes in this version... (mod note)


* WHDLoad itself disables the interrupts of Mediator boards now while running the installed program, this should solve problems like freezing and gfx/sound distortion on these boards, thanks to John Girvin and Elbox for providing the solution
* WHDLoad now shows the task name on exceptions if there was a working amigaos running, it also shows segment name and offset if SegTracker was running (inside emulation of course)
* option NoMemReverse/S added to the global configuration (Ralf Stützer)
* catalan translation of documentation, thanks to Manel Beltran
* its now possible to use special rawkeys for the QuitKey/N option to let WHDLoad quit from a button press on the mouse/joystick/joypad


* the install template supports installing from disk images via diskimage.device, trackwarp.library and capsimage.device
* kick31.s supports also the kickstart image from the A500/A600/A2000, with that it is possible to make Slaves using kick31 which are compatible to a 68000 CPU (Don Adan)
* WHDLoad now avoids opening the WorkBench screen after exiting, older versions have always opened the WB if no other screen was left open, requires at least v39


* the requester displayed when audio.device is already used defaults to 'ignore' now, so it works in combination with option NoReq/S (Horace)
* the online help displayed when WHDLoad is called from the CLI without arguments has been fixed for the options Cache/S and DCache/S (Hexaae)
* CLI args fixed to fault on too many arguments (Psygore)

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