Pianeta Amiga 2007

Date 8-Sep-2007 23:04:55
Topic: Events

Pianeta Amiga 2007 will probably be the biggest Amiga event of the last years. About 20 exhibitors from all over Europe (including ACube Systems, AROS, Rebol Technologies, Cloanto, Crux PPC GNU/Linux and many more), 5 conferences (so far), 1 workshop, and dozens of new products to be presented and launched during the show (like Sam440ep, AmiKit 1.4.0, Allegro library and so on).

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There will also be a sister event in Hungary, the AmiCon (http://www.kezdobetu.hu/amicon/) that will be directly connected with Pianeta Amiga by chat and streaming.

The show will be held on the coming 22nd and 23rd September 2007 in Empoli near Florence in Italy.

For further information please look at www.pianetaamiga.it

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