AmiPodder 1.7 Released

Date 16-Sep-2007 14:44:36
Topic: Software News

A new version of AmiPodder, my utility that allows Amiga users to subscribe to audio and video podcasts, is now available.

The major new feature in version 1.7 is support for Podcasts that require authentication (a username and password). In addition there are the usual minor enhancements:

* Support for Amplifier as a player.
* Improved podcast feed compatibility.
* Much improved requirements (libraries and MUI custom classes) checking.
* Various bug fixes.

If you've previously had trouble getting AmiPodder to run, it's well worth trying again with this version as the improved requirements checking should give you a more informative error.

AmiPodder 1.7 is written in AREXX using rxMUI and therefore works on OS 3.x, OS 4 and MorphOS. It's released as freeware and can be downloaded from:

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