MacOS X Leopard to drop support to 800MHz machines and below

Date 26-Sep-2007 14:27:05
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Seems that Apple will not make available MacOS X Leopard to machines with 800 MHz and below.

"It run too slow on 800 MHz PPC Macintoshes!"

News came from OS-News site.

This will exclude a very big quantity of PowerPC Macintosh still in use up today.

Sure it is a hope that Moana will be available soon, because all these Macs are about to sold as second hand.

Due to the fact that these machines will be no more suitable for future MacOS versions then they will be surely undersold by their actual owners and became very affordable.

With all these Macs hitting the market at very low cost and Moana available, then the amount of Amiga users could increase dramatically.

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