New drivers for 4xEIDE'99 buffered interfaces released

Date 6-Oct-2007 22:13:14
Topic: Hardware News

ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the NEW drivers for 4xEIDE'99 buffered interfaces. New software is available free of charge for all registered users of these interfaces.

If you have an Elbox 4xEIDE'99 buffered interface but you have not registered it yet, send to Elbox a registration e-mail as described at 4xEIDE'99 Software website.

The update includes:
• 4xEIDE.driver ver.4.1
• 4xEIDEPrefs ver.4.1

New drivers support LBA-48 addressing mode, which handles the whole capacity of the newest hard drives larger than 128GB.

For more info about this update, visit: and
Info on the current software versions is always available in the DOWNLOADS | 4xEIDE'99 section.

IDE Trade-Up Program

If you are a resident of the European Union you can upgrade your existing 4xEIDE'99 buffered interface, any other 4-way IDE interface or Zorro II IDE adapter to the FastATA MK-III controller:

If you want to enjoy the IDE Trade-Up Program but you are not an EU resident, contact Elbox Sales Department for a customized offer.

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