Amiga Roundtable Episode 12 - Here There Be Bills

Date 16-Oct-2007 12:48:49
Topic: Announcement

Since this is a very anticipated show, I'll be streaming it more than the 2 times on Amiga World Radio. So check the program schedule for AWR for approximate times! For downloading, please make liberal use of our mirror and iTunes.
(Times: play 9am, 11am and 1pm EDT )

Ok.. Show Notes you ask? Here we go.....

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald, Bill Panagouleas. Guest: Bill Buck

From the looks of it, this show is gonna be BIG, so please use the mirror or mirror the files yourself if you can, and post the links here.

Also, there is iTunes.

* Amiga Inc's Open Letter & Bill McEwen's 40 Questions
* Acube Annoucnes Sam440's availability
* AROS now 64bit
* Tulip wants to buy back Commodore
* 1st Amiga Scene party in Netherlands
* Amiga Future Needs Help
* AmIRC for MOS
* Ranger 1.4 Released
* New Drivers for 4xEIDE'99 buffered interface
* OlderGames Announces New CD32 game
* Bill Buck answers questions from the Roundtable

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