MiniGL V1.5. MiniGL gets display lists.

Date 15-Nov-2007 14:09:05
Topic: Software News

I'm pleased to announce that I have updated MiniGL to add display lists, and made a few other improvements too. MiniGL is a 3D API which is compatible to OpenGL(tm). It implements a subset of that API and was designed for speed, therefore it directly interfaces with Warp3D. This also means that there is currently no software mode.

The file is currently in the os4depot upload queue:

I'd appreciate it if everyone would test this version, particularly developers. Any bug-reports, feature requests, or other comments, just send them to me (tokens of appreciation also accepted, but not necesary ).

Update: a new version (V1.5.1) is available on os4depot.

Changes in this version
- MiniGL now supports display lists
- GL_NORMALIZE support added
- Added a watchdog timer to the smart locking mode (MGL_LOCK_SMART). Audio
should now playback smoothly when running OpenGL applications.
- Only works if "Interrupt=Yes" is set in the Radeon monitor tooltypes
- This has only been tested on a Radeon 9000 card
- This cannot guarantee that audio stuttering won't occur.
- Fixed a bug that would cause only the first quad in a quad-strip to render
(resulting in missing surfaces)
- Fixed flat shading of tri-strips and quad-strips


Hans-Jörg Frieden
Thomas Frieden

Hans de Ruiter (version 1.5)
Christian "Surgeon" Michael
Massimiliano Tretene
Joe Sera
Frank Wille
Steffen Häuser
Kris Collingwood

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