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Date 18-Nov-2007 22:12:18
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Hardware name System Work Notes

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Amiga 3000 Desktop + Cyberstorm PPC A3000D YES
Amiga 3000 Tower + Cyberstorm PPC A3000T YES
Amiga 4000 Desktop + Cyberstorm PPC A4000D YES
Amiga 4000 Tower + Cyberstorm PPC A4000T YES
Amiga 1200 + Blizzard PPC A1200 YES


AGA A1200 - A4000 YES
BVision PPC A1200 YES
CVision PPC A3000 - A4000 YES
Cybervision 64 A3000 - A4000 YES
Cybervision 64/3D A3000 - A4000 YES
Merlin ZorroII YES
Picasso II ZorroII YES
Picasso IV ZorroII/III YES
RetinaZ3 A3000 YES
Voodoo 3 3000 PCI Prometheus/Mediator YES
3D Labs Permedia 2 PCI Prometheus YES
Voodoo Banshee PCI Mediator 1200 YES
Radeon PCI gfx board Prometheus NO

PCI slot

Prometheus A3000 - A4000 YES
Mediator 4000 A4000 YES
Mediator 1200 A1200 YES
GRex 4000 A3000 - A4000 NO
GRex 1200 A1200 NO

Zorro slot

Micronik Infinitiv V5 Zorro II Busboards A1200 YES Reset Button causes a warm OS4 Reboot with Timer.device 52.4 - Needs to be held for 10 seconds to reboot to 68K ESS
Zorro IIIi rev 6.8 A1200 NO The zorroboard Switches the data chache off , but OS4 requires datacache


Cyberstorm SCSI A3000 - A4000 YES
A4000 onboard IDE A4000 YES
A1200 onboard IDE A1200 YES
DKB Rapidfire SCSI II contoller A3000 - A4000 YES
A1200 4 IDE interface A1200 YES
IDE FIX Express A1200 A1200 YES
FastATA 1200 MK-III A1200 YES AllowBasePageAccess required, CDFS might need a own Dosdriver when the Fastata driver is used.
FastATA 4000 A4000 YES AllowBasePageAccess required
Buddha Pheonix Edition Zorro IDE Interface A1200 - Micronik Zorro II YES Hard disk can be moved to this when installed, however Hardware hangs if an x-surf 3CC is present and x-surf.device is opened by roadshow. Happens under 3.X too with miami. Zorro card Problem or Micronik Z2 Problem.
Yamaha SCSI Adapter cybppc.device YES Works with both HDs and CDs without problems
A3000 onboard SCSI A3000 NO No working driver
A4000T onboard SCSI A4000T NO No working driver
Blizzard SCSI A1200 NO No working driver
PCI IDE cards 3.3V Mediator 1200 NO No 3.3V support in PCI hardware
PCI SCSI cards Mediator 1200 NO No DMA support in PCI hardware


Ariadne ZorroII YES
Ariadne II Ethernet card ZorroII YES
PCMCIA network cards A1200 YES cnet.device works
NetPCM003 AmigaKit PMCIA network card A1200 YES
Netax A1200 PCMCIA network card A1200 YES Using cnet.device
ConneXion network card A4000 YES
Realtek RTL8029AS PCI Prometheus YES
A2065 Ethernet card (+ transceiver) Zorro II YES
X-Surf Zorro II YES
X-Surf 3CC Clock Port Zorro II YES Works when used with Micronik V5 Busboards
X-Surf 3CC Network Card Zorro II YES Works with Micronik Busboards in the A1200 and x-surf.device V1.2 filesize 13448 Patched Ariadne file not required
X-Surf 3CC IDE Interface Zorro II NO Media Tool Box could not find any devices on 2ndscsi.device with XSURFIDE in WBStartup
PCI 3Com ethernet card Prometheus/Mediator NO No DMA support in PCI hardware
Realtek RTL8139 PCI Mediator 4000 NO
Hydra Systems AmigaNET Zorro A4000 NO


SUBWAY USB A1200 YES Works on either of the X-SURF 3CC Clockports
Norway/Romulus A4000 YES Does not interfere with normal booting and Poseidon seems to load its classes. Not tested with Sirion yet.
Poseidon 2 OEM USB Stack A1200 YES Works with the SUBWAY - Don't install input.device patch
Poseidon 3.8 USB Stack A1200 YES Works with the SUBWAY - Don't install input.device patch
USB PCI OHCI card Prometheus/Mediator NO No DMA support in PCI hardware
USB PCI UHCI card Prometheus/Mediator NO No DMA support in PCI hardware

Sound board

Delfina lite v1.2 A4000 YES Must blacklist delfina.device, delfina.library, delfinit
MasterSound Parallel Sound Sampler A1200 YES Tested with AHI and AHIRecord
Terratec 128i PCI Prometheus/Mediator YES On Mediator A1200 still some problems
Toccata v1.0 A3000 YES AHI Requires Toccata.library v12 on aminet and Toccata software.
Repulse Zorro II soundcard Zorro II NO Apps using sound lock up
Most PCI sound cards Mediator 1200 NO No DMA support in PCI hardware

Mouse, Joystick, Interfaces

Amiga Black Branded Mouse (Amiga Technologies) all systems YES
Amiga White Branded Mouse (Amiga Technologies) all systems YES
Commodore CD32 Joypad all systems YES
Commodore A1200 "arched" mouse all systems YES
Keyrah all systems YES Works with SUBWAY and Poseidon
Micronik Infinitiv A1200 keyboard (PS2 A4000 Style) all systems YES Works with Micronik keyboard adaptor or Power Tower keyboard adaptor
Micronik Infinitiv PS2 keyboard adaptor all systems YES
Power Tower Keyboard AT adaptor all systems YES
Zipstick Joystick all systems YES
Standard PS2 keyboard all systems YES Using Power Tower PS2 keyboard adapter
Standard PS2/Serial mouse all systems YES Using Punchinello or Coccolino adapters

Mass memory

Syquest 270 removable cartridge disk drive A4000D YES

Video editing

Impact A4000-HC+8 (A4008) A4000 YES
Vlab v1.3 A3000 - A4000 YES Tested with ImageFX 4


Multiface III IO Zorro Card Zorro II YES Works also in the Micronik Zorro II busboards

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