USA - A4000 repairs, RGB video adapters, Video Toasters and Flyers

Date 30-Nov-2007 22:07:33
Topic: Hardware News

The company "Video Lab" offers the following services:

Amiga 4000 motherboard repair.
(audio repair, battery replacement, and more)

Sales of used Video Toaster 4000, and Flyer.
Each unit costs between $100 to $300 depending on condition.

New custom made RGB encoders $125.
This connects to the Amiga's RGB port and encodes to 3-way RGB component output. This is handy for many new HD monitors and televisions with component inputs.

Video Lab - Ed Jeffries
6909 Johnson Dr.
Mission, KS. 66202
Tel: 913-403-0045

I am posting this for Ed Jeffries who does not have an Internet connection. I've sent him motherboards for repair, and always get good service. He also used to do repairs for Software Hut.

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