AFA OS4.0 Final

Date 24-Dec-2007 13:14:03
Topic: Software News

AFA OS 4.0 Final

3 more Skins from Ken Lester
See Screenshot

small display errors with borderless windows fixed (tkplayer round skin and bubble help from TUI)
flicker of workbench titlebar complete fix.

Boot problem on some Systems fix

blizzard PPC Card User with still Problems shoud use blitzkick and morelibspace command add here,
because "Anti WarpUp Code" of Card or romtofast set with jumper, seem overwrite morelibspace Code.

Notice for Coders:
In Aminet is from OS4 API the AllocSysObject.lha Code from Ilkka Lehtoranta from his OS4 emu.
AFA dont add this code , it seem more easy portable for all Systems, when Programmierers
that need this add this to their own Code.

Merry Christmas

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