AmiFTP 1.935 OS4

Date 18-Jan-2008 23:11:03
Topic: Software News

Yes, finally I'm releasing a new version. Lots of bugs related to uninitialized preferences fixed. Also a lot of general fixes. It's available from here, or from Here's an overview of the recent history:

1.935 (released 2008-01-18)
* Lots of bugfixes, a lot related to uninitialised prefs.
* Fixes to PubScreen options.
* CLI arguments fixed. Also fixed "Docky" argument, it only worked as a tooltype before.
* Added a log listview at the bottom of the window. Replaces the shell window used before. Check it out from the main prefs.
* Dropping files on the docky icon will now upload those files, same as when it's iconified.
* New icons by Martin 'Mason' Merz

To use the archive as is you need the PNG icon module installed. If you don't have it, or don't want to install it, you can always replace the icons with your own.

Joachim Birging

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