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Software News   Software News : AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
   posted by zerohero on 18-Jan-2008 23:10:08 (2397 reads)
Yes, finally I'm releasing a new version. Lots of bugs related to uninitialized preferences fixed. Also a lot of general fixes. It's available from here, or from Here's an overview of the recent history:

1.935 (released 2008-01-18)
* Lots of bugfixes, a lot related to uninitialised prefs.
* Fixes to PubScreen options.
* CLI arguments fixed. Also fixed "Docky" argument, it only worked as a tooltype before.
* Added a log listview at the bottom of the window. Replaces the shell window used before. Check it out from the main prefs.
* Dropping files on the docky icon will now upload those files, same as when it's iconified.
* New icons by Martin 'Mason' Merz

To use the archive as is you need the PNG icon module installed. If you don't have it, or don't want to install it, you can always replace the icons with your own.

Joachim Birging

Bugreports and feature requests

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 18-Jan-2008 23:34:53
#1 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Jun-2004
Posts: 5009
From: Sweden

im first :)

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 10:46:55
#2 ]
Team Member
Joined: 20-Aug-2003
Posts: 6291
From: County Yakima, WA State, USA

So, you are!

AmigaOne X1000
AmigaOne XE G4
I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 13:40:54
#3 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 12-Sep-2004
Posts: 3009
From: Stad; en d'r is moar ain stad en da's Stad. Makkelk zat!

So, you are!

Indeed, he is!


More then three levels of indigestion and you're scroomed!

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 15:05:04
#4 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 21-Nov-2004
Posts: 302
From: Zdzieszowice, Poland

How do You like it in comparison to the old good ATC ?

I miss draggable screens in MorphOS... and do you? I know I'm in a minority unfortunately.

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 15:27:30
#5 ]
Joined: 1-May-2007
Posts: 87
From: in the Toaster

Wow, i prefer to use it now instead of pftp, because it starts fast and is fast on my os4 classic system! At least the speed of the programs are my final voting to use it on my system, so theres no space for SDL crap!

Charly says always tell your mummy before you go off use some other os!

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 15:38:47
#6 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 8-Mar-2003
Posts: 430
From: West of the Mississippi


Nice, thanks for the update

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 16:57:19
#7 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 22-Jun-2003
Posts: 2440
From: Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, UK, Europe, Earth, The Milky Way, The Universe

PFTP takes a little while to load for the first time after a boot, but it shouldn't be any slower than AmiFTP in operation...

Playstation Network ID: xeron6

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 18:25:09
#8 ]
Regular Member
Joined: 25-Aug-2003
Posts: 470
From: Lecco, Italy

With AmiFTP it's not possible to have a local window and this
it's not comfortable, so I prefer pftp.
It would be nice to have a column sort (name, date, etc...) in pftp

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Re: AmiFTP 1.935 OS4
Posted on 19-Jan-2008 22:23:21
#9 ]
Elite Member
Joined: 19-Jun-2004
Posts: 5009
From: Sweden

You forgot also AmiFTP cant upload a dir when selecting one. For example i want to send xbmc dir (with subdirs) to my xbox. Only files. But i believe it will come in future.

pFTP has both source/destination window and can send dirs/subdirs which is more
ATC alike. But then it has problems with sending/deleting some dirs/subdirs to xbox and i belive it will be solved in some way in future ;)

ATC can still do it all. But can also crash sometimes ;)

The work continues :)

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