AHI v5.5(rc1) released

Date 22-Apr-2003 17:00:10
Topic: Software News

Martin Blom recently released new updates (albeit in beta form still) for his Audio System, AHI.

The updates for AHI v5.5 can be found on his website.

Versions exist for MorphOS, 68K and i386 (Amithalon). There are also updated paula.audio files for MOS.

Changes include:
  • This version of AHI adds "anti-click" mixing routines, playback of 32 bit samples and and support for the PowerPC microprocessor (currently MorphOS only).
  • The 68000 processor is no longer supported; a 68020 or better is required.
  • The "fast" audio modes are no longer used. They will not be shown in the audio mode requester.
  • The non-HiFi modes are not any faster than the HiFi modes. They are just present because some music sound "better" when no interpolation is used.

A complete ChangeLog can be read here.

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