Launch of OS3.9 and AmigaDE demo at ACE2K

Date 24-Jan-2008 16:18:56
Topic: Events

This is probably Bill's most detailed demo and explanation of AmigaDE (now known as OS5)... it worked then.. it has been refined since

These video's include a demo of AmigaDE and explanation of how it works (a tiny virtual processor is written so that the software always sees the same hardware)... this is why the software is so portable and powerful.


The software can be run either hosted on another OS or natively:

The video was shot in 2000 at ACE (Amiga Computer Expo) 2000 in Melbourne Victoria Australia where ~1000 people attended.

Part is shot at the show and part at the dinner and quiz night which ~100 people attended.

Disk 2/3

The official launch of OS3.9 and more discussion on AmigaDE (what is now known as OS5)

Disk 3/3

Disk 1/3 has been damaged but we hope someone will come forward with it.

Michael was one of the organisers of ACE2000 and spent a fair bit of time with Bill McEwan. He also saw private demo's of AmigaDE made to journalists. Most Amigans have never had the opportunity to see these demo's.

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