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Date 26-Jan-2008 0:51:14
Topic: Software News

Jörg Strohmayer has worked hard with the Origyn Web Browser lately.
Several new versions this year, of which the latest is version 1.6.

You can download it from http://strohmayer.org/
Update: Jahc tells there is a toolbar too now, in this thread.

Read more for the changelog...

Changelog (from http://strohmayer.org/

* 1.6 (24.1.2008)
o No changes in the code, but it's now using shared libicu#? objects instead of statically linking the same 10 MB in each version again.
* 1.5 (22.1.2008)
o Updated to SVN revision 232.
o Built using shared objects, you have to copy libSDL-1.2.so from http://www.rcdrummond.net/sdl/SDL-1.2.11_20080121-AmigaOS4_shared.lha to SOBJS:.
* 1.4 (17.1.2008)
o Now opens clicked links with target "_blank", which would open in new tab or window in a real browser, in the same frame ("_self") instead of ignoring them.
o Added a workaround for the SDL charset bug, now you can enter all chars of your system default charset which don't need a dead key.
* 1.3 (15.1.2008)
o Added the experimental web UI and made it the default start page. There are lots of problems with it (back/forward doesn't work, PgUp/PgDown doesn't work, ...), but it's probably better than nothing. Of course you can still start OWB with a different start page by passing an URL as argument.
o Changed default window size to 960 x 720.
o Enabled two pass loading.
o Added a workaround for a memory trashing bug, http://wikipedia.org/ main page is working now (http://en.wikipedia.org/ still doesn't, 100% CPU usage without displaying anything).
o More optimizions in the memory allocator.
o Disabled GIF animations for now, they slow down everything too much.
o Chars which need can be entered now, but the AmigaOS4 SDL seems to ignore the charset, for chars not in ISO-8859-1 you get something different.
* 1.2 (11.1.2008)
o Updated to SVN revision 224.
o Now cleanly exit()s if running out of memory instead of crashing, most parts of OWB don't check if allocating memory succeeded.
o Reworked the memory allocator, should be nearly as fast as the original one.

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