New ffmpegGUI v1.1 released - now supports padding and cropping.

Date 28-Jan-2008 5:32:42
Topic: Software News

ffmpegGUI v1.1 has just been released on OS4Depot. Get it here!

Significant changes include a new tap page for setting Crop, Pad and Pad color setting. A bug with the Start Offset was also corrected.

ffmpegGUI is a GUI for the ffmpeg program.
It supports some basic options via the GUI and allows the user to add additional options
via a command line string gadget. This approach allows full use of ffmpeg's features
directly from the GUI interface. Hopefully this approach make the interface attractive to
both the novice and power user. It also allows for incremental development of the GUI.

Changes for v1.1:

Added tab for support of video cropping, padding and pad color commands.
Fixed start offset (-ss) command so it is correctly issued before the input file (-i) option.
Added checkbox to turn on and off gadget help. Off by default.
Adjusted "Output Format:" label spacing.
Modified VCD, SVCD, DVD, predefined setups to use 2 channel (stereo) audio by default.
Modified save and load settings to support the new commands.
Modified load settings to support proper loading of old settings files.
Moved predefined saved setups into a new directory under settings directory.
Added routine to capture ffmpeg output. Thanks to "Ami603" for generic function.
Added code to display formatted ffmpeg output in a list gadget displayed in a new tab.
(Not activiated yet due to issues with ffmpeg's output.)
Added ability to identify if input file video is mpeg1 (mpeg1video).
Modified PAD gadgets to disallow setting which will cause ffmpeg to crash when video is mpeg1.
Added 'k' to video and audio bitrate values to make compatable with new and old versions of ffmpeg.

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