OWB Release bonanza! (v1.15)

Date 1-Mar-2008 17:35:30
Topic: Software News

Joerg strikes again with two releases in quick succession.

As of version 1.14, OWB has gained some scrollbars... Yo, ho, ho!

Read more for the list of changes between v1.14 and v1.15


1.15 (1.3.2008)
In 1.14 stdio wasn't disabled for workbench start, fixed.

1.14 (29.2.2008)
Implemented a new memory allocator for OWB.
It's slower and needs more memory than the previous one. 256 MB is probably the minimum for OWB now (it will never need more for most pages since I don't have more RAM in my A1 but more sites work in OWB without crashing now, for example OWB doesn't crash on exit any more, usually even killing the rest of the system, after using http://maps.live.de/
Added scroll bars.
Rebuild with GCC 4.2.3.

Current version is actually 1.15!

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