Frying Pan Partially Open Sourced

Date 23-Mar-2008 20:14:46
Topic: Software News

From the Frying Pan mailing list, and with permission of Tomek, the author of FP and the mail: (slight edits for clarity - wegster)

I just wanted to let you know that the main interface and supporting
libraries are now available as open source at:
Frying Pan on Sourceforge

To answer your questions -- no, it does not mean it's going out for
free. The main engine ('Optical') is still closed source and will stay
shareware. Reasons why i did that:

1. I released a tiny pack of C++ support libraries that may be helpful
for people writing amiga software - these are available at -- and Frying Pan and its libraries are the
best way to show how these can be used

2. The engine for Frying Pan may be closed-source, but its use could one
day become a little more popular (grow beyond fryingpan). will see if
anyone likes the idea. includes are available on the amiga-generic

3. If i get a little lucky -- maybe someone will drop into the
development, or maybe someone will build the reaction ui for fryingpan
(i had a few good components for that but eventually i gave up when i
had to start with popups)

4. FP uses quite few components that others have asked me about (like MUI cycle gadgets that are rebuilt on the fly) - it's all there

5. Maybe someone will learn from the sources, or maybe someone will think how much it sucks and that he could give me some good piece of advice on coding

Take care!

note added by wegster - Tomek may be reached directly via email , at:
tomasz DOT wiszkowski AT gmail DOT com

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