Breakpoint 2008 demo productions on A.D.A

Date 26-Mar-2008 22:02:02
Topic: Internet News

All productions from the Breakpoint 2008 demoscene party have been added to the Amiga Demoscene Archive.

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There were 6 demos released at the party:
- Twenty by Drifters
- Soliloquy by Elude
- Surfing Great Victoria by Nature & Traktor
- The Chronicles Of Professor Arronax by Tulou
- Electric Ocean by RNO & Brainstorm
- Vauxhall by Unique

There were 5 intros released:
- Psylteflesk by Ephidrena (4k)
- Supercool by Supergroup (64k)
- Figure Four by Nature (4k)
- Regrets by Moods Plateau (64k)
- Res Cogitans by Software Failure (64k)

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