YAM Amiga 2.4 released

Date 26-Apr-2003 5:14:14
Topic: Software News

The YAM (Yet-Another-Mailer) open source team has released version 2.4 of the popular open sourced email client YAM: "After 18 months hard work this new version features tremendous bugfixes and enhancements to once more stable it's leadership on the AmigaOS based MUA clients." Read more for the list of changes.


* Hierarchical folder list - folders can now be arranged into
groups, and nested at the user's discretion

* SMTP & POP3 TLS1/SSL3 support for stunnel servers, using

* Email address cache, making it possible to "remember" the last
N used recipients if they don't appear in the address book

* More powerful recipient string gadgets, resolving aliases,
real names and email addresses "on the fly" as they are found
in the address book or the email cache

* Optional pop-up menus in the folder & message lists

* Automatic codepage detection and translation, specially meant
for cyrillic users.

* Reworked status bar

* Automatically finds the suitable mailing list support settings

* Extended support for mailto: links

* Search function in the Write window

* Customizable size format and localized unit display

* Individual appicon stats for folders, with an user-definable

* New hidden option "JumpToIncoming"

* Deleting a block of text with RAmiga-Del automatically inserts
a "[...]" marker

* Built-in mouse wheel support

* New "marked" status

* "application/pdf" is now in the built-in list of MIME types

* Extended documentation

Yeah, Amiga is still alive and will be forever !!

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