Sputnik - beta 4 now available!

Date 20-Apr-2008 18:30:16
Topic: Software News

A new version of the MorphOS WebCore Browser:
"After long waiting it's here - all new, all better, 4th beta of Sputnik. It now includes 45,56% more of space-age technology and 58,34% less of atomic-age bugs. Check here to see list of changes and download it! Sputnik - the only spaceship you'll ever need. Batteries included."

Partial changelog:
- new, faster and improved network code
- added keyboard navigation
- new and faster cookies code
- improved overall stability, bugs fixed
- added support for google search toolbar and google suggest
- implemented "find in page"
- implemented copy and paste from page
- fixed some problems with frames
- fixed memory leaks
and more.

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