AfA OS 4.2

Date 24-Apr-2008 17:07:12
Topic: hardware OS4

AfA_OS 4.2

Removing a bug in the skinning code that did not always set the screen structure right,
which had the result that some windows were opened too small and their contents
were overdrawn by the window border - for example "tsgui".

The compatibility of the skinning code has been improved for Finalwriter and for Cybershow and PhotoAlbum.

  • Bugfixing and enhancement of morelibspace by Thomas Klein.
  • Now Memory are always allocated with the attribute KICK, the priority of the Resident set up to 104, Versionstring integrated and Version set up to 46.0.
  • "REVERSE" Switch integrated for allocating Memory with this attribute.

    "!!! Attention morelibspace does not function on all Systems with all options (Switches) !!!"

    If you have problems use blitzkick and morelibspace as a module

  • New version support access for 3rd party programs to draw skin elements (image buttons with alpha channel support) .

  • But the sad news is that the MCP which uses afa skin images for gadtools replacement is currently not released.

You can find the new binary here (LHA archive).

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