Update: Tales of Tamar

Date 6-May-2008 12:36:53
Topic: Software News

Tales of Tamar "Enhanced"

Dear friends of the intense and ludicrous role-play game Tales of Tamar,

the journey continues with the next update of Tales of Tamar. This time it
is unfortunately only a small update which is nevertheless less unimportant
since a severe registration error occurred at the last Amiga version.

Many thanks to our testers for all the help and apologies to all the
potential players who tried to register a new empire in the meantime.
With this version one can check for the first time how the dungeons are
realized in ToT, for free!

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New features:
- [R7] Workbench screen mode is now preset at the screen mode requester(Amiga only)
- [R7] Dungeon: one can take gold now (not given to your account yet)
- [R7] Dungeon: Traps are now covered
- [R7] Dungeon: Now one can die getting caught in a trap / new graphicsimplemented
- [R7] Dungeon: Doors, traps and chests now can be opened and closed
- [R7] Dungeon: implemented new sound effects
- [R7] Dungeon: compass rose now moves
- [R7] Dungeon: implemented movement keys and keys to open and close things
- [R7] Dungeon: Entrance and exit are now indicated
- [R5] Dungeon runs on AGA
- [R5] Fblit now operates with masks from the fast ram (10% more speed)
- [R4] Dungeon: implemented chest
- [R4] Dungeon: implemented traps
- [R4] Dungeon: sound effects implemented
- [R3] three scouts are now available at the beginning of the game
- [R2] Dungeons are now accessible
- [R2] new Spanish catalogs used


- [R5] build screen: 20 mills text deleted from the build screen
- [R5] memory leak fixed during the start of the game (city structure again=)
- [R5] memory leak fixed while entering the map in high resolution mode
- [R5] InitScreen: while clicking the mouse during the complex registration it did not check whether the email address should stay like that or a ToTinbox should be used transitionally
- [R5] InitScreen: Player names with less than 3 digits are not allowed anymore
- [R5] InitScreen: During the request if a ToT inbox or an own inbox should be used instead, the options were deleted. The result was that the options data was not applied.
- [R5] CopyDir: problem concerning the dungeon path reworked again.
- [R5] CopyDir: problem concerning the dungeon path reworked again.
- [R3] CopyDir: dungeon path disappeared if one executed New, Save or Load
- [R3] missing dungeon graphics implemented (Kores/ Amiga only)
- [R2] Taverna: Crash fixed while writing in the taverna editor
- [R2] InitImportantThings moved from residence screen to the title screen. The problem is that certain folders have to be created before one can start the registration. These were created in the residence screen before and now are possibly excepted.
- [R2] graphcs engine: While using a second path-file (BardsTale/Dungeons) some pointers possibly were overwritten to bitmaps. This appeared now in the dungeons and title screen from time to time.
- [R2] BardsTales: deleted lockup during rebellions
- [R2] BardsTales: fixed error concerning the diseases
- [R2] Gadget system: error in the market place fixed where more than 30 gadgets were used
- [R2] Initscreen: password request now allows all characters.
- [R2] Graphics engine: wrong graphics were loaded into the cache (Azuriel)

The R7-Update to V0.57
path: http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.57_R7.lha
size: 8.761.691 Bytes

complete archive
path: http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.57_P2.lha
size: 150.322.989 Bytes

More information can be found here: www.tamar.net

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