Amiga Black Belt System Software Free for Download including Image Master

Date 5-Jun-2008 18:42:39
Topic: Software News reports that Ben Williams creator of Black Belt System Software and author of Amiga masterpiece productivity Image Master R/T was so kind as to make all of his Amiga Software freely downloadable.


Ben Williams, the author of all Black Belt Systems software has graciously made all his Amiga Software available to download to the Amiga community.

This includes:

ImageMaster R/t ver. 1.60 + 3rd party Plug-in Modules
AVT (Amiga Video Terminal for use w/AEA's AVT H/W) ver. 5.50
Board Master ver. 1.19 (PCB S/W)
Digital Soup (Evolutionary Artificial Life)
JakeBoard (S/W for the Physically Challenged)
TalkBoard (S/W for the Physically Challenged)

The link for all this is:

You'll note that Ben is offering (under the ImageMaster section on this page) the Windows version of his ImageMaster successor, WinImages, at a very special & affordable price of US$29.95 (D/L only @ this price!) I hope there are a few people out there that will purchase it.

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