Epistula Instant Messenger v52.20

Date 24-Jun-2008 16:20:56
Topic: Software News

Just before I go to Glastonbury for a week I thought I'd share the latest development version of Epistula with you so hopefully I'll have lots of feedback for when I come back.

Please read the ReadMe and ChangeLog for important notes and information which you'll need to know should you run into trouble. Especially note the text regarding NBitmap.mcc and CompactWindow.mcc.

Read more... (mod note)

Here's the URL for the latest version. As usual, backup your settings files and if you do experience a crash there's a .debug version of Epistula included (the msn.plugin is already a debug version) so please send me any crashlogs.

Remember, my ISP server doesn't support .lha files so right-click and download with an appropriate menu item.

Epistula v52.20

I'm leaving in two hours time, so if you find anything wrong with the installation or archive please mail me ASAP and I'll try and sort it before I leave.


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