New version of Cinnamon Writer

Date 19-Jul-2008 13:35:39
Topic: Software News

Cinnamon Writer 0.58 is available for download. Cinnamon Writer is a WYSIWYG Word processor in constant development.

New version include:

- Experimental Printer support
- Experimental Export PDF support
- Improved font handling - Support for unlimited fonts
- Increased stability
- Optimized code. CW should now be usable on amigas with a slow CPU
- Minor GUI changes

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Get it here
See screenshots here

Please note that with this version, no fonts are provided. CW uses (all) the fonts in Fonts:_Truetype directory. CW uses Bitstream Vera Sans as default font. If you don’t have this font installed, you can download it from the fonts download area of
CW uses truetype fonts, which can be downloaded from the internet (or taken from an old version of CW). If you have installed OWB and the fonts used by OWB, CW should be able to use these fonts

Printer and PDF export is EXPERIMENTAL. You will probably experience artefacts in your PDF documents. Furthermore, I cannot guarantee that Printer support work since I don’t have a printer myself. Printer and PDF support is based on Ghostscript. If you have used command line Ghostscript to print a file, please mail me the command and a description on the printer used. I will recompile a CW version that is optimized for your printer and return the new version to you.

When visiting for Cinnamon Writer, please notice the possibility of joining the newsletter, to participate in Cinnamon Projects or join to get access to forums.

If you like Cinnamon Writer, and would you would like to support further development, please consider making a donation.


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