Pete's FTP v0.3 has been released!

Date 29-Jul-2008 17:07:19
Topic: Software News

Pete's FTP is an advanced OS4 native FTP/SFTP client.

You can download it from here:



* Fully multithreaded design
* (S)FTP to (S)FTP transfers (any combination)
* Multiple windows (for local, SFTP and FTP connections)
* Browsing while downloading
* Drag and drop
* Reaction GUI
* Pause and resume transfers
* Resume files that are already present at the target
* Transferring of whole directories with contents
* Deletion of directories with all contents
* Passive and active transfers supported
* Optional automatic binary/ascii mode setting
* AISS toolbars
* Detailed HTML documentation
* Localised (translations welcome

Changes since v0.2:

- The check to see if a date was in the future when
we had to guess the year didn't take into account
the fact that the server time might be ahead of
ours. The check now makes sure that the date is
not more than 24 hours ahead of the local system
- Now built with GCC 4.2.4
- Swapped obsolete calls to the corresponding
AllocSysObject ones.
- There was one message port per subtask that wasn't
being freed. They are now.
- A couple of things that were MEMF_ANY are now
- When i re-ordered the transfer queue columns in 0.2
i forgot to update the cancelled and finished transfer
pages, which meant that the filename wasn't shown.
This is now fixed.
- Finished transfers now show their final CPS.
- Re-added the stats page and now it actually has some
stats in it!

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