Date 11-Aug-2008 16:01:21
Topic: Internet News

New Amiga Web Browser in Development!!!

Chris Young demonstrated his early port of Netsurf for the Amiga.

Although it is still flakey and not complete, the executable is about 7mb in size and loads in under 3 seconds on OS4.x.

* Very fast (much faster than OWB - speed seems comparable to AWebOS4 and starts up in a couple of seconds, and that's without any compiler optimisations)
* Small footprint (executable is under 5MB when stripped, and memory usage is low - but I need to do some sort of quantitative measurement of that)
* Supports CSS
* Fully localisable
* Multiple windows

* Core engine not as mature as (eg) OWB's, so some sites may render less correctly
* No Javascript

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