1.0 is the new version of SuperTV

Date 3-May-2003 17:46:58
Topic: Software News

I met with 1.0 today, and it gave me a card which revealed it to be the new version of SuperTV. 1.0 has taken over from the previous version, 0.8 beta.

Download it at www.petergordon.org.uk

About SuperTV:

SuperTV is a replacement for Elbox's TV card software, with the following advantages:

Channel select gadgets in the TV window border
Keyboard control
ARexx port
Fullscreen borderless mode
Pop up menus
Easily selectable channel presets

Changes since 0.8 beta:

Localisation. Italian and Suomi catalogs included.
Double clicking in the TV window toggles fullscreen
Optional custom picture settings for each channel
Cancel button now actually reverts to the last saved or used settings

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