ACube Summer Follies announcement: SAM 533 MHz Sold Out!

Date 18-Sep-2008 17:45:54
Topic: Hardware News

The site of ACube System Italy have now announced that the promotional SAM 440 EP 533 MHz Motherboards are sold out!

There are still some 667 MHz Motherboards on sale, however, these do not fall under the same offer.
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18 Sep 2008 15:10:00 GMT+1
Update on the "Summer Follies" offer

The 533 Mhz Sam version is currently Sold Out!!!

The response from customers was overwhelming.

We wish to thank all the customers who took the opportunity to buy a Sam board at this very low price.

The regular Sam 667 Mhz version is still available, at a small discount, now at Euro 465 including 512 MB DDR ram (taxes and shipping excluded).

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