DirectoryOpus 4.18.12 OS4

Date 19-Oct-2008 15:37:56
Topic: Software News

*** Released 4.18.12 fixing one nasty crash bug that crept in there at the end, and the "PrintDir" command.

A quick release of the legendary file manager DirectoryOpus 4 that fixes the crashes that occur when opening external modules on OS 4.1. Launching ConfigOpus and DOpus_Print should now work as usual again.

Other things fixed are all internal, like changed a few function calls to use new 4.x features. Also some of the requesters are now using ReAction instead. A lot more work is needed but since this is quite an important the release is here now. (Read more)

Sources for this release is available here.
Archive available here.

Special thanks to Colin Wenzel (as usual) for helping me out (again).

Joachim Birging

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