Nova Design upgrades Web Site / Lowers Prices!

Date 28-Oct-2008 22:22:33
Topic: News

Some weeks back Nova Design's web site ( was hacked. Our then-host failed to detect or log the hack and lost our backups. So we decided to upgrade the site! About time too.

The new site is online with an all-new webstore and more. We have our demo reel embedded on the front page along with slideshows of our products. We're driving everything using AJAX and Flash so you better be using the latest/greatest browsing technology. Welcome Nova to the 21st Century eh?

Our slideshows directly access the all-new Cinematte and ImageFX Flickr groups so PLEASE upload your images and drop them into these groups and your masterpieces will be part of our corporate slideshow automatically. No ads and such tho, please.

Price reductions have been made permanent on ImageFX and Cinematte - so please feel free to shop with us as well!

Enjoy the new site.

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