Sonix webcam support

Date 31-Oct-2008 17:53:55
Topic: Software News

Sonix is a new program with a MUI interface that displays pictures from a webcam Sweex 100K. It is a first step and do not expect a great frame rate. But it displays and saves images. At the moment it is not faster than 2 images per second but you can look at screenshots here. The archive contains executable for OS4 and MorphOS. (Read more)

Be careful, within a set of 4 webcams, one has a different chipset that is not supported currently.

If you have a webcam Sweex 100k, I will be please to know if it works.

Other webcam models could work but have not been tested :
- Trust 150 spacec@m
- Trust 120 spacec@m
- Chicony TwinkleCam DC2110
- Sweex 350 Mp
- Genius Webcam NB
There is no guarantee with these models : they certainly use the mode isochronous and Sonix only use the mode bulk. If I remember correctly, once I checked with SpaceC@m 120 and even if the chipset was right, the transfer mode was wrong !

Page of the project and download link

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