AROS self compiles!

Date 18-Nov-2008 17:24:41
Topic: Software News

Today marks an important day for AROS as Stanislaw Szymczyk completes his work on AROS self-compilation, fulfilling an important requirement of AROS 1.0 Roadmap.

Stanislaw's work, started in April, brought many important but missing development tools to AROS, the most notable beeing native GCC/G++ packages for i386, PPC, x86_64 and native Perl and Python packages for i386 and x86_64. The ported software and changes Stanislaw implemented made AROS a developer friendly system. We also hope that way the tools are integrated with standard distribution (fully working even from LiveCD !) will appeal to people wanting to develop for AROS and on AROS.

Kitty is waiting for your commits!

For instructions concerning self-compilation, please see this documentation:

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