AFA_OS 4.3

Date 27-Nov-2008 15:19:31
Topic: Software News

Whats new:

The version of the exec.library is not set to 46 any more. Instead the revision numbers are set to >=99 to recognize it as a AfA_OS Library. This was necessary to avoid problems with programs (SFS) that uses some not so well known new functions of the optional exec.library V45.20 from OS3.9 BoingBag2. If that was not installed with AfA_OS a crash happened.

A Bug of the textfunction of graphics.library removed, that a negativ value of textlength can be passed, as with the orginal AmigaOS function. The old req.library (from 1993) passed a.e. -3, so a crash happened under AfA_OS.

buttongclass and imageclass complete replaced with AROS Code.

AmigaOS API functions RefreshGadgets, RemoveClass, NextObject, DisposeObject, AddClass, FreeClass, MakeClass and NewObjectA complete replaced with AROS Code.

Update Docs, with Requirements and Limitations section, a solution for support PNGIcons and skining under OS3.1 and some corrections.

Replaced the Prefs Icons with 32Bit Icons in OS4 format so that the transparent preview in AfA_Prefs works again.

Updated zune_lib.exe added to the archive in Directory "Optional" and the Installscript updated for a optional install.

Here you can download new files

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