Amiga Announces CoolTools

Date 17-Dec-2008 8:24:37
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Amiga Announces New Line of Consumer Applications

Amiga Cool Tools available for under $ 2.00
Snowman Maker, Tip Calculator and TipIt are first in the new line of products

All available at

Issaquah, Wash. - December 12, 2008 – Amiga, Inc. announces a new line of consumer friendly applications built on AmigaAnywhere technology that enables the quick development and deployment of applications and services for supported hardware and software platforms.

Amiga is now offering Snowman Maker, Tip Calculators and TipIT for Windows devices for only .99 each. These are the first in a new line of accessible easy to use products, that everyone can use and enjoy.

Snowman Maker provides an entertaining interface that allows the user to create their own custom Greeting card directly on their Windows Mobile phone and then mailing that custom card directly from their phone to any other device that supports MMS messaging. Snowman Maker makes giving cards fun and easy.

Tip Calculator takes the guess work out of what to leave for your tip. Simply type in the amount of your bill, and Tip Calculator takes care of the rest. Immediately select from one of the levels and the amount and total are right there ready to apply to the bill. Now you will never have to worry about what the correct amount should be.

TipIt provides a simple and easy way to calculate tips for not only your server at the restaurant, but cab fares and everywhere else you may want to know what the correct amount should be.

Amiga will be offering several other new Cool Tool applications in the coming weeks that will provide fun and friendly applications that everyone can enjoy.

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