AmiCygnix V1.0 released

Date 20-Dec-2008 23:43:08
Topic: Software News

On OS4-Depot is the final version of AmiCygnix for AmigaOS4 available. AmiCygnix is a Unix environment, which makes it possible, to port unix software easily. AmiCygnix replaces the prereleases of Cygnix.

The software published for Cygnix will not work with AmiCygnix anymore! These packages will be rereleased step by step. The packages of AbiWord 2.6.2 and Gnumeric 1.6.3 will be published first.

The base installation is now separated into two packages:

A basic package, which contains all necessary things to install and run AmiCygnix applications. Important news:

* Complete new desktop.
* New display drivers. One of them can open the desktop in a window on the workbench.
* Mousewheel support.
* Completely recompiled for Newlib.
* Support for amiga clipboard.
* Better stability by avoiding the typical unix assigns (e.g. USR:) and saving the environmant variables into an own subdirectoy.

A second tools package contains following software:

* The filemanager ROX-Filer 2.9
* The webbrowser NetSurf 1.2
* The editor Leafpad 0.8.12 with UTF-8 support
* The picture viewer GPicView 0.1.9
* The PDF viewer Xpdf 3.02
* The GTK2 prefs editor LXAppearance 0.2
* The window manager prefs editor ObConf 2.0.3
* ...



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