SabreMSN v0.38 - Christmas Sabre!

Date 24-Dec-2008 3:23:51
Topic: Software News

SabreMSN is a freeware MSN client for AmigaOS3.x/4.x.

Basic features include:
- emoticons
- "user is typing" notifications
- nudges (they shake the window just like on Windows)
- logging/log reloading
- utf8 character conversion using codesets.library
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- sound alerts
- rudimentary file transfers (it uses the older protocol though, so newer clients wont work)
- editable usernames
- add/remove and rename users

This version introduces a tabbed-chat display!

Release notes:

- Added chat tabs, with the ability to close them from the pulldown menu
Edit your icon tooltypes. TABS=TRUE, or TABS=FALSE
- A "disconnected" window appears when you're disconnected now
- Added a quit requester
- Unread messages counter is shown in brackets in the tabs beside the
persons name

Downloads and screenshots available here:

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