Sputnik for AmigaOS bounty canceled - further info

Date 27-Dec-2008 17:48:43
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Due to lack of communication, slow development and broken deadlines I am sorry to inform you that the Sputnik bounty has been canceled. (Read more)

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With the recent announcement that the Sputnik bounty is canceled I feel that it is of great importance we support those browser projects that is actively developed for AmigaOS4. Amigabounty was not created with the intention to focus on existing projects but when we are talking browsers I would like to point you to two (very) active developers that deserves all the praise they can get.

Chris Young is porting the CSS capable browser NetSurf. Visit Unsatisfactory Software to read more about NetSurf and download the latest release.

Jörg Strohmayer is porting OWB to AmigaOS4 and it can be downloaded from the OWB website.
OWB is also CSS capable and based on the well known Webkit rendering engine used by companies such as Nokia, Google and apple.

Both browsers are looking really promising and I hope every AmigaOS4 user remember to thank those doing something for the platform. I am also sure that a donation is more than welcome, take a look at the respective websites to find the donate buttons, or at least keep them in mind for when you get money from the Sputnik bounty returned.

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How to get your money back.

All money from the closed Sputnik bounty will be returned to the people who so kindly donated. I just have to ask that all people who donated send me an email with their name and Paypal address(email).

Many people stated that they wanted to donate their money to other OS4 developers, if you want me to do that (to avoid further paypal fees) remember to say so (and to which project) in your email. I hope many people choose to support the actively developed OS4 applications.

Please send me the email before 31.01.2009 so I can get the money back to all of you (or to other OS4 projects) ASAP. If I haven't received any email by the end of January 2009 I will donate your money to the developers of the OS4 version of either NetSurf or OWB.

Sorry for the trouble this caused.
My email is tersking(at)gmail.com

Source: http://amigabounty.net

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In a brief but shocking note, bounty manager Troels Ersking at AmigaBounty.net recently announced that the infamous Sputnik web browser bounty has been pulled back. Ersking states that the any further development efforts are unrealistic, and that the previous deadlines has been broken. On top of that, Ersking suggests that there would not have been a finished AmigaOS version of Sputnik in a foreseeable future. (Read more)

The Sputnik bounty was originally set up on February 14th 2007, raising a grand total of ¤3124.72 from AmigaOS users across the world. The bounty stated that a first working version should be released in the beginning of 2008. The bounty, minus service fees, will be repaid to all donors via the PayPal transaction service "as soon as possible".

It is currently unknown whether of not author of the closed source Sputnik web browser will continue developments for the foreign operating system it is currently targeted at. The statement doesn't specify whether or not the Sputnik developer will keep the AmigaOne computer that was sent to him for porting purposes.

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