Allegro v1.0 for AmigaOS4 is released.

Date 29-Dec-2008 16:50:53
Topic: hardware OS4

As absolute proof that miracles do happen over Christmas, Hitman/Code HQ does what even he thought was impossible and actually releases Allegro for OS4!

I thought it would be a relatively small project but it turned out to be a terribly complex game library and not small at all. Add to that periods of laziness, busyness, drunkeness, being on holiday, an unhealthy Guitar Hero addiction and the fact that my boss actually makes me work 8 hours a day on non Amiga things, and we have a port that takes 18 months instead of 18 weeks.

But here it is. No MIDI suport yet and small pieces of less used functionality are missing, but it's good enough for a 1.0 release to open the doors for some games to be ported.

On that subject there are 4 release games!

Sword of Fargoal - One of my favourite games on the c64! It was worth porting Allegro just for this one.

Ghouls 'n' Ghosts Remix - No need to explain this one.

Alex the Allegator 4 - An old skool platformer.

Zombiepox - A bit odd. With brains.

As well as the games, you will need to download the Allegro runtime shared object. For developers who want to port new games you will also need the Allegro SDK.

It's all available now on OS4 Depot in the uploads directory, awaiting the OS4 Depot moderator to give it the ok. Until then you can download it directly from there: uploads

They've moved it already Download them here.

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