Sam440Flex Prices at IMM Informatique

Date 19-Jan-2009 18:42:45
Topic: Hardware News

Hi all there ;)

We are proud to announce here our prices for the new Sam440Flex motherboards and its accessories :
- Sam440Flex Motherboard : 489 euros,
- Memory module 512MB : 39 euros,
- Graphic card Radeon 9250 128Mo PCI : 45 euros,
- AmigaOS 4.1 for Sam440Flex : 120 euros.
For those who are interested in all options, the price is 688 euros.

Please note that this motherboard lets you use more video memory than on its little sister (Sam440EP) as well as the support of 1GB of memory !

Please also note that its form factor lets you the choice of any ATX or Micro ATX boxes (useful for Micro AmigaOne or Amiga One owners who do not want to change their tower).

Don't hesitate and pre-order it now via our website or via mail or private message here ;)

Of course, those who still want to order a little Sam440EP alone or in complete configuration, there are still time to order some at our shop ;)

Thanks to ACube Systems all team for their efforts in only several month !
Thanks too to AmigaWorld team for giving us some fresh news as often as they can ;)
Happy New Year 2009 ;)
Laurent aka Faranheit

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