OWB 3.5 with tabs for AmigaOS

Date 30-Jan-2009 22:08:10
Topic: Software News

Grab the latest OWB 3.5 and enjoy some modern web browsing on your Amiga. It already works great with Google maps for example.

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3.5 (30.1.2009)
- Updated to SVN revision 819.
- Added support for double and triple clicks.
- The page title, status bar, javascript requester and context menu
texts are converted to the local charset now.
- When opening a window the screen is put to front now.
- Added CONTEXTMENURMB tooltype.
- Fixed problems with the popup menus if more than one window is open.
- Implemented closing windows from javascript.
- Windows opened from javascript can set the window position and size
- Implemented javascript prompt requester.
- Fixed "stop" context menu item.
- Implemented copying images to the clipboard.
- Implemented saving and loading searches (input type="search").
- Added workarounds in the AmigaOS 4.x keyboard event handling to match
other platforms, for example Facebook chat and Google suggest work
- ARexx commands are executed for the last opened window instead of the
first one now.
- Implemented support for tabs, to use tabs instead of windows the
tooltype TABS has to be enabled.
- Added support for a different start page, tooltype STARTPAGE, if you
want to use a different page on startup than the home page. Use
STARTPAGE=about :blank for an empty page.
- Implemented text shadow.

And best of all, no bounties were required!

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