CodeBench Beta Release

Date 3-Feb-2009 3:30:59
Topic: Software News

Available for immediate download

CodeBench 0.8 Beta

Due to a lack of internal testing, it is time to release CodeBench out to a wider audience.

Download it now from here


CodeBench is a DPM (Development Project Management) system written from scratch, and is available to all users of AmigaOS 4.1. The "SE" version available for free download is released to complement the recent SDK release.

It allows easy project creation and management features, and provides simple one step editing and compiling from one interface.

Also available is a new support Forum where users may collect to get information and help regarding this software.

Extensive documentation is available both from the installer and from within CodeBench itself, and you are highly recommended to read through it before starting. Besides giving indepth descriptions of the functionality of the software, it also includes some tips and tricks on getting the most from it.

Whilst this software has been in development for some time, it is publically released as a beta version, so issues with the software are likely. You should use the software support forum to report such issues.


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