New ffmpeg and ffmpegGUI v2.1 for OS4 available!

Date 4-Feb-2009 15:59:28
Topic: Software News

Thanks to Andrea Palmatè a new version of ffmpeg is avaible which supports several new codecs and formats, including the much asked for aac audio codec. An updated version of ffmpegGUI is also available which supports many of the new codes and formats. It also now allows the use of KCON: for output. See details below.

Get ffmpeg here!
Get ffmpegGUI v2.1 here!

Thanks also to Peter Swallow (Swoop) for his great work testing ffmpeg and ffmpegGUI!

Here are the change notes for ffmpgGUI v2.1 which includes a list of many of the new codec's and formats supported by the new ffmpeg. Note that ffmpeg also now properly decodes ac3 audio typically included with DVD's.

Version 2.1 (Released Version)
Added USE_KINGCON tooltype to allow using kingCon cousole for output.
Modified to close console output window when 'Ok' is clicked on the done
Added high definition video bitrates: 548k, 12000k, 16000k, 24000k and 36000k
Added additional video frame rates: 1, 2, 5, 10, 23.976, 50, 59.94, and 60
Added "About ffmpeg" menu item to display ffmpeg version info.
Added shortcuts to Play File menu
Organized "Predifined Setups" directory into sub directories.

Modifications to support ffmpeg SNV-r16701:
Added check for required ffmpeg version number. Still allows running other
but unsupported items will not work and I removed workarounds to avoid crashes
Added routines to handle differences in commands for new ffmpeg.
(audio codecs: mp3 to libmp3lame and arm_nb to libarm_nb)
Added new video size choice of 704x576 to support arm_nb/wb video codecs.
Added support for arm_wb audio codec via libarm_wb encoder. (Higher Quality
for older cell phones.)
Added support for new audio bitrates now enforced for arm_nb/wb audio codecs.
(arm_nb - 7.4k, and 12.2k; arm_wb - 15.85k and 23.85k )
Updated Cellphone saved settings files to use compatable audio bitrates.
Changed Cellphone quick setup menu presets to use compatable audio bitrates.
Removed workaround for padding crash defect when used with mpeg1video codec.
(Seems fixed with new version but will now crash with old version.)
Added requester for indicating libmp3lame error reported by ffmpeg is Ok.

Added support for the following file formats:
.ogg (Audio / Video format)
.m4a (ipod audio file format)
.bmp and %5d.bmp (graphic file format)
.tiff and %5d.tiff (graphics file format)

Added support for the following video codecs:
ljpeg (lossless jpeg)

Added support for the following audio codecs:
aac (iPod / PSP)
alac (iPod lossless)
flac (free lossless audio)
vorbis (ogg audio)
wmav2 (Windows media audio 2)

Added the following items to the quick setups menu:
Added audio-->ogg (vorbis)
Added audio-->m4a ( ipod / PSP audio)

Added the following to the predefined setup files:
(NOTE: Where indecated, not tested on devices since I don't have any.
Movie-->iPod (wide screen).ffmp (not tested) Movie-->iPod (standard
screen).ffmp (not tested) Movie-->PSP (wide screen).ffmp (not tested)
Movie-->PSP (standard screen).ffmp (not tested) Movie-->HDTV 1280x720
(NTSC).ffmp Movie-->HDTV 1280x1080 (NTSC).ffmp Movie-->HDTV 1280x720
(PAL).ffmp Movie-->HDTV 1280x1080 (PAL).ffmp

Video_frames-->png_picts (1 per sec for 10sec).ffmp
Video_frames-->jpg_picts (1 per sec for 10sec).ffmp

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