Updated Expat XML Parser for AmigaOS

Date 6-Feb-2009 3:07:17
Topic: Software News

With the release of the AmigaOS SDK V53 it was time for an update to the official AmigaOS version of Expat 2.0.1.

Four library flavours are now supported:
1. static clib2 (libexpat.a)
2. static newlib (libexpat.a)
3. AmigaOS library (expat.library)
4. AmigaOS shared object library (libexpat.so)


Expat may help serve as an example for other library authors that want to support all the library flavours available in AmigaOS.

Grab it from OS4Depot.

Changes include:
- integrated 68k patches from Fredrik Wikstrom which means
expat.library is now callable from 68k code
- bumped version for the addition of the 68k interface so
executables can explicitly ask for version 5 and know
it includes the 68k interface
- refactored Makefile to avoid recursive make calls and
build all the library flavours
- added static newlib version
- added shared objects version
- compiled with SDK 53.13 (GCC 4.2.4) at -O3

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