NTFS filesystem driver

Date 7-Feb-2009 21:53:55
Topic: Software News

This is early version of the New Technology Filesystem (NTFS) driver for MorphOS and AmigaOS3.x.
Marek 'March' Szyprowski has released its new version, v0.9, which comes with:
* missing ACTION_CHANGE_MODE packet support added;
* broken MorphOS build (gcc bug) fixed;
* and broken Seek() call fixed;

* allows to read normal files and list directories;
* support different blocksizes;
* unique volume names for unnamed filesystems;
* unicode to local charset translation;
* configurable cache size;
* supports removable media;
* automatic MBR scan;
* thanks to great libDeviceIO from Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek there is:
- effective and fast read cache system
- support for partitions beyond 4Gb boundary (using TD64)

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