Hatari A68k available

Date 27-Mar-2009 12:31:45
Topic: Software News

Just recently Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer compiled an a68k version of the atari st and ste emulator 'Hatari'.

2009-01-24 Thomas Huth

* doc/release-notes.txt:
Updated release-notes for version 1.2.0

* src/gui-sdl/dlgAbout.c:
Adjusted About-dialog title (version number is longer nowadays)

* doc/authors.txt:
Added Tobe to authors.txt

* doc/local-hatari-midi-ring.sh, tools/hatari-local-midi-ring.sh:
Moved MIDI ring shell script to tools folder

* src/dialog.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgMain.c, src/gui-sdl/dlgMemory.c,
Fixed inappropriate "Emulator must be reset..." dialogs when loading
memory snapshots. The dialogs occured when loading a memory snapshot
with a different machine type than the previous one. To avoid these,
the emulator must not do the normal configuration post-processing
when loading a memory snapshot.

* doc/todo.txt:
Updated TODO list.

* src/audio.c, src/bios.c, src/blitter.c, src/cart.c, src/cartData.c,
src/cfgopts.c, src/configuration.c, src/control.c,
src/createBlankImage.c, src/cycles.c, src/debugui.c, src/dialog.c,
src/dim.c, src/dmaSnd.c, src/fdc.c, src/file.c, src/gemdos.c,
src/hdc.c, src/ikbd.c, src/int.c, src/ioMem.c, src/ioMemTabFalcon.c,
src/ioMemTabST.c, src/ioMemTabSTE.c, src/ioMemTabTT.c, src/joy.c,
src/keymap.c, src/log.c, src/m68000.c, src/memorySnapShot.c,
src/mfp.c, src/msa.c, src/options.c, src/paths.c, src/printer.c, src
Replaced the obsolete RCSIDs with new file-ID strings

* Info-Hatari.plist, src/gui-osx/English.lproj/InfoPlist.strings:
Increased version number in the Mac OS X files to 1.2.0, too

* configure.ac, doc/doxygen/Doxyfile, hatari.spec, readme.txt,
src/includes/main.h, src/memorySnapShot.c:
Increased version number to 1.2.0

* src/falcon/dsp_cpu.c:
dsp56k: Fix decoding for NORM instruction (thanks to Matthias

You can download it here

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