Individual Computers: New Indivision models, A600 expansion, Chameleon delayed

Date 28-Mar-2009 14:29:13
Topic: Hardware News

As announced in january of this year, delivery of our flickerfixer "Indivision AGA" for the Amiga 4000 (desktop version) and the CD32 has begun this week. In order to start sales worldwide at the same time, we have shipped a few units a little earlier to our partners in the USA. The first customers in the US and Germany have already recieved their pre-ordered board. Delivery to customers in Sweden and England starts today.

Indivision AGA brings the Amiga's graphics output to a modern monitor or flat screen. The user can choose almost any model on the market, because Indivision AGA doesn't only double the frame rate, but even displays a PAL screenmode at more than 60Hz flicker-free. For every screenmode, the full colour depth of 24 bits is displayed.

Indivision AGA is available from our resellers for 129,- EUR(*). We're especially happy to have a new partner in Switzerland. Relec Hardware and Software delivers both versions of Indivision AGA with a French manual.

Indivision ECS under development
The next version of our popular flickerfixer will be made for Amiga models with OCS- and ECS-chipset. Since the older chipsets only work with a colour depth of 12 bits (4096 colours), we're expecting a slightly lower price for this model. It is meant to work with the Amiga models A500, A600(**), A1000, A2000 and A3000. All known technical data will presumably be in Indivision ECS: All screenmodes will be output with more than 60Hz, and the S-Hires modes of the ECS chipset will be displayed in full resolution. Indivision ECS will be installed on the socket of the Denise chip of the target computer. We're expecting the first prototype in about three months.

New memory expansion A603 for A600
In 2006, we already introduced a memory expansion for the smallest of all Amigas, the A600. To our surprise, the demand for this expansion is still high, so we didn't just make a new production run, but made a further development. The new expansion offers 1M of additional chipmem, a real-time clock and a clockport for connection of A1200 expansions. In addition to that, the A603 offers a socket for installing Indivision ECS. The new memory expansion will be available from our resellers before the end of april 2009 for 39,90 EUR(*). For operation of the real-time clock, a coin cell (type CR2032) is required, which is not included. Installing the expansion requires mechanical work on the metal shield of the computer.

Chameleon delayed
The new multi-functional cartridge for the C64 with flickerfixer, memory expansion, floppy-emulation, freezer- and turbo-functionality has experienced multiple changes during recent development that have delayed mass-production. In addition to that, several semiconductor vendors have disappointed us with extremely long delivery times, so we had to make more changes in order to keep quick mass-production possible.
Development of Chameleon is our top priority at the moment and it does not depend on chip delivery times any more. If you want to test Chameleon before it's release, you can do that with the C-One. A Chameleon core is available for free download.
(*) recommended retail price including German sales tax of 19%. Prices at our retail partners may vary. For mail ordering, shipping may be added.
(**) memory expansion A603 required.

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