MPlayer 1April Version is ready to download

Date 2-Apr-2009 1:52:35
Topic: Software News

A new version of mplayer is ready to download
These are the main changes between the last version

MPlayer 1.0rc3 for AmigaOS4
* Should be really faster than previous version (due a faster ffmpeg.. ;)
* Fixed fullscreen mouse pointer hide/show when click the mouse
* Now if you press "c"..
* Fixed Fullscreen play
* Updated to the mplayer last version
* Fixed Arexx port. Now the Daniel GUI should work ok
- Thanks to Fab for his Morphos port of Mplayer that is a lot enhanced and faster.. :)

There is also a new dvdnav:// dvd menu functionality but i suggest you to use the the old dvd:// method

Dowload here

and.. is not a joke..

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