AFA OS 4.4 here (AROS for Amiga)

Date 14-Apr-2009 13:51:12
Topic: Software News

AFA OS 4.4

Bugs removed that the screen title bar is displayed correctley if a skin is
used on custom screens that 8bit deep and on custom truecolour screens with
some programs (MUI, Filemaster).

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Removed a Bug that the Images of NewInstaller are displayed.

Removed a enforcer Hit in the function DeletePool if 0 is passed as pool

Correct the Versionstrings of the AfA_OS_Libs, AfA_Prefs and added a
Versionstring to AfA_OS_Loader.

Added the resident module morelibspace_module to the Archive in the directory
"Optional/Devs/", for use with BlizKick, Loadmodule or for the Flash of DENEB
USB card.

Update zune_lib.exe to lastet Beta and moved it to "Optional/AfA_OS_Libs/".

Update Installerscript to support an optional install of morelibspace_module.

Update and restructuring of the Documentation.

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